Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blind Meme-testing: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

I am not (yet) a Brony.

But content from the newest My Little Pony TV series has metastasized quickly over the internet, such that I haven't been able to avoid it in my usual gaming haunts.

So I've decided to dive in headfirst and watch the series (which has aired 35 episodes thus far) and, likely, douse myself in the fan offerings as well.

Before that, though, I thought it'd be interesting to trawl the internet for MLP memes before I understand any of the context. My favorites:

Of course, in a blind search, many of the things I like will be some sort of crossovers with existing memes, in this case a standard face.

I find that there are a lot of Rainbow Dash images here; she is not only the most visually striking of the ponies, but also the only one whose name I had somehow learned. This image implies a somewhat heated fan debate over the best of the main characters, which makes me smile.


Perhaps not my favorite meme, but boy howdy is there something wrong with that horn!


"Your argument is invalid", conversely, is one of the best random memes. No context is required, because any given odd situation will be even more odd without knowledge of the original. Still, I have no idea who this pony even is...


Ah, nevermind.


Speaks for itself, really.

See, this is an interesting one. The meme, of course, is recognizable: from the Legend of Zelda original to its most common incarnation, where the hands are holding a kitten. The first level of humor is with the original sword is replaced by something cute and unhelpful, like a kitten or adorable pony.

But there's clearly some second level of humor I'm missing in the last line of text. The imperative tense of the original text ("You must take this") is gentled, politened by the added phrases. I will probably like this much more when I understand who this pony is.


I guess I liked this image so much that I inadvertently saved two of them? "Wat" is the superior concoction, though; even the lack of punctuation complements the "WTF" sense of the picture.

More puns I don't get yet!

... of course Rule 34 must matter. We are on the internet. There's a touch of cleverness here, in that we the viewers  might be looking either at the pony's butt or her cutie mark. Either way, eyes up here!

I'm not sure how I accreted "cutie mark" for the characteristic thigh markings for the ponies. Citations are for suckers.


When I was younger, I owned certain stuffed animals that were so abominably cute that looking at them would invariably force a smile, regardless of the context.

Thanks, Rainbow Dash. Now I've got a digital version.

Hee hee hee! Get it?! Because the guard in Oblivion would say this to you...

At this point, we're starting to hit my absolute favorites. 

I have nothing to say. Perfect.

 This one has nailed me personally. Okay, I admit it. I want to watch the show right now.

I'm a liberal, so I'm in love with this image. It takes toleration and love, seemingly soft and fluffy attitudes and juxtaposes them with the fierce determination shown on the pony's face. She's like a damn bulldog, and she's not going to let go until you are adequately tolerated and loved. That edge is honed further by the curse.

This is my technical favorite image, but special props goes to the following:

I'm not a fan of many executions of the "haters gonna hate" meme. But I saw this one on an image thread in Tangency and fell in love. Before I immerse myself in something new, I often circle it several times like a dog settling down for the night. I had been thinking about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic on some level for weeks.  The above gif is what finally clinched it. I'm ready. Bring it on, ponies!


  1. Just wait, you will join the herd soon enough.

  2. Duke of Unknown NameJanuary 25, 2012 at 4:57 AM

    Wow! You've included my very first (and probably most widespread) MLP macro!


  3. YES! the herd must pony ALL the forums

  4. Two months later, I am not only converted myself, but have brought several others to the herd.